Rubber Check Valves

The Series 700 ProFlex™ Rubber Check Valves from Proco Products, Inc.  are specifically designed for use in sewage treatment plants, outfalls, and tidal operations. They’re a cost-effective solution for controlling back pressures, and are a fully passive flow device, requiring no maintenance, no outside power sources or manual assistance to operate.

The Series 700 ProFlex™ rubber check valves are recommended as direct replacements for ineffective, maintenance-ridden flap type check valves, which are commonly known to seize, rust, or bind in unwanted positions. The Series 700 ProFlex™ rubber duckbill check valves provide backflow protection from occurrences including:

  • Sewage slurries
  • Outfalls to ocean fronts from heavy rainfall activity
  • Land erosion due to back flow conditions
  • Invasion of saltwater to freshwater pond

Expansion Joints

Proco Products are leading expansion joint manufacturers with an extensive inventory of expansion joints for piping and ducting systems. Our movement expansion joints are specially designed to have the ability to protect your equipment against a variety of stressors while also being low maintenance and durable for maximum efficiency.

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