The Management of Fluid Control Sales & Installations Pty Ltd is operating under the control of a quality management system along the lines laid down in ISO9001:

The Company places particular emphasis on obtaining client satisfaction by:

  • Responding promptly and accurately to customer inquiries and orders
  • A constant pursuit of quality, value and reliability in the products & services the Company provides to its customers
  • Ensuring that its management and staff are fully trained to meet the requirements of the business and its customers
  • Constantly striving to meet and where possible exceed its customer’s expectations
  • Working closely with its customers and suppliers in seeking to establish the highest quality standards
  • Adopting a forward-looking view on future business decisions which may have an impact on quality
  • Training all members of staff in the needs and responsibilities of quality management

To meet the specified requirement of the customer, the Company applies a quality management system in conjunction with other management controls; this is described in the Quality and Procedure Manuals.

Responsibility for upholding this policy is Company-wide under the guidance and with the assistance of senior management who encourage the personal commitment of all staff to address quality as part of their skill base.

It is the Company’s policy to seek to operate to these standards continuously and to implement and operate fully the ISO9001: standard.

The Company complies with all applicable legislation relevant to its industry including all Health & Safety and Environmental regulations.