The Flowserve Worcester Controls Series WK 44 Clean Valves bring a new dimension of production efficiency to high-purity and aseptic processes

Series WK 44 Clean Valves are operating dependably in processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food, cosmetic, paint, chemical and other industries where microbes, media deposits, particle generation and cross contamination can threaten the quality of the product. The high-purity design, high vacuum rating, high cycle life and pressure/temperature rating of these valves help assure quality production with minimum downtime. They last many times longer than diaphragm valves and prevent catastrophic failure.

High Purity Design All interior wetted surfaces on the clean valves are 316L with a standard finish to 30 Ra. Electropolishing to 15 Ra or better is optionally available. Both ensure zero cross contamination and negligible particle generation.


  • Purging and Draining Capabilities Worcester clean valves are steam or gas purgeable
  • Worcester Controls has the pneumatic and electronic computer compatible controls for your installation
  • Leak Tight Stem Design Separate Seats and Body Seals Separate seats and seals are optionally available on standard 2-way valves only