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Based upon the proven Valtek design philosophy, the Valtek GS integrated control valve packaging consists of the newly designed GS linear globe valve, the new Valtek Logix® 420 digital positioner with automatic calibration, and the FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator. Its integrated design makes it a low total cost value to buy, install, operate and main­tain. Yet, it delivers best-in-class performance with:

  • Excellent rangeability and repeatability for the highest flow rates in a globe type general service valve
  • Excellent control accuracy
  • Direct mounted digital positioner without tubing
  • Trim and materials options to handle virtually all general service requirements
  • Quick installation and simple setup by maintenance technicians without the need for instrument or pro­cess engineering skills
  • Off-the-shelf availability worldwide

The new Valtek GS integrated control valve package provides process plant operators that perfect balance of performance versus cost without compromise to product quality or integrity.

Product Range:

DIN: DN 15 – 150 / PN 16 – 40
AMSE: 0.5” to 6″; pressure class 150 and 300
Body materials: Carbon and stainless steel

Standard live loaded packing systems: TA-Luft/ISO 15848-1 up to +400° C (752°F) operating temperature

Temperature range: -60°C up to +400°C (-76°F up to 752°F)
End connection: Flanged
Leakage class: IV standard; IV and VI optional
Options: Bellows seal, extension bonnets, low noise and cavitation control trims

Actuation:  Pneumatic diaphragm and electrical linear actuators


Maximum Capacity Flow Rates: The Valtek GS replaces a long list of forerunners to handle a wide selection of process control applications for high-flow, general service applications in the oil and gas, chemical, power and general service industries. The Valtek GS averages 25% higher flow capacity than comparable globe valves.

Cavitation control / Noise attenuation: The Valtek GS is ideal for general application solutions requiring high Cv, noise abatement, and cavitation control. These trim solutions include unbalance, pressure balanced and MultiStream anti-noise, anti-cavitation control.

Smaller, lighter, cost effective: Achieves maximum-flow capacity that outperforms competing brands with a smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective Valtek GS control valve.

Large-diameter Plug Stem:  Virtually eliminates shaft fail­ures. The heavy-duty stem provides a large surface area to reduce guide wear, thus improving reliability and increasing valve life. When tight shutoff is required, the robust stem can easily absorb actuator thrust and drive the plug securely into the valve’s single-seated trim.

Deep Packing Box: Permits a variety of packing configurations in addition to the standard TA-Luft, live-loaded emission control packing. Packing consists of an upper set and a wiper set. The latter is designed to minimize the amount of fluid on the plug stem. The upper set is positioned far enough away from the wiper set to avoid contamination from the flowing medium.

Double Top-stem Guides: Ensure accurate plug and seat ring alignment. The widely spaced, graphite-lined stainless steel guides provide superior guiding over broad temperature ranges and completely eliminate guide/stem galling.

Contoured Plug Design: Is readily adaptable for modified equal percentage, linear and quick-open flow characteristics. And it can be mated to a variety of trim types, providing excellent rangeability, repeatability and resolution.