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The NAF Trunnball DL is a full-bore trunnion-mounted ball valve, developed by Flowserve engineers with more than 80 years of experience manufacturing ball valves. The ball is supported by two large, low friction trunnion bearings for consistent low torque, even at high differential pressures. Due to its bidirectional tightness, low friction and high controllability, it is an excellent choice for isolation, on/off and modulating control applications. NAF Trunnball DL is supplied in stainless steel or carbon steel as a standard, but is also available in other materials, such as Duplex, titanium, and others.

The NAF Trunnball DL has the following features that optimize performance and reduce plant downtime:

  • Spring loaded stem seal packing that provides long, maintenance-free and safe operation in automated on/off and control service safe operation in automated on/off and control service
  • Direct actuator mounting capabilities of the NAF Turnex actuator for a high performance, vibration resistant, compact valve package
  • Sturdy, blowout-proof stem providing high torque transmission with minimum mechanical backlash for optimum controllability
  • Trunnion-mounted ball providing bidirectional tightness
  • Low friction bearings for low torque and smooth operation
  • Unique Z-trim option that minimizes cavitation and noise and has excellent control characteristics
  • Extensive size range, DN 150–800, size 6” to 32”
  • Easy-to-service design, due to the off-center joint face of the valve body, allowing for easy replacement of the ball and seals without the need to remove the stem and actuator
  • Metal seats with a rigid welded overlay of Alloy 6 or alternatively, metal supported, reinforced PTFE seats

The design characteristics of NAF Trunnball DL are particularly suited to the most challenging operating conditions in the process industry, where difficult media and demanding pressure conditions make severe demands on the design, materials and performance of the valve.