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Flowserve Durco Rotary Control Valve Systems, with a range of butterfly, plug and ball valves, offer significant advantages to traditional rising stem control valves:

  • Easier to repair
  • Significantly lower in price
  • More compact and lighter in weight as compared to rising stem control valves
  • The V-ported plug and ball control valves give equal percentage characteristics and a wide range of Cv values that allow customers to choose the exact valve to suit their needs

Product Range

Durco Rotary Control Valves are offered throughout the Durco product range:

  • EG4 Sleeveline valve
  • T4E Fully PFA-Lined Valve
  • Mach 1 in-line repairable high performance plug valve
  • Atomac ball valves
  • Durco BX2 high performance butterfly valves


Flowserve also offers a comprehensive range of software to simplify the process of choosing valves:

  • Drawings available online at
  • Performance software for sizing of valves
  • Autosize software for sizing of actuators


  • No lost motion between the valve and actuator due to the one piece plug and stem of the plug valve, in addition to the Sure-Grip clamped coupling
  • Eliminates chances of error because the positioner is directly coupled to the actuator stem, allowing the positioner to see the true valve position
  • Positive shutoff with quarter turn control valves
  • Wide choice of materials: Fluorocarbon liners and exotic alloys
  • Computer selected Automax actuators to match valves’ torque requirements