When installed in Valtek® Mark Series control valves, DiamondBack’s simple, yet bold cartridge design:

  • Effectively eliminates high-pressure drop cavitation and associated noise
  • Passes solids up to 0.5 in (13 mm) without plugging
  • Delivers up to 30% higher flow over the same pressure drop in a smaller and lighter package
  • Is customizable for the most rigorous application requirements
  • Is available in all commonly specified materials (e.g., 300 and 400 series stainless steels and high-nickel alloys) as well as exotic alloys and tungsten carbide
  • Simultaneously solves two age-old problems — cavitation and erosion — with one product


The DiamondBack technology eliminates cavitation in severe applications


The DiamondBack technology is suitable across a wide range of industries.