The Series CPT Characterized Seat Control Valve is a ball valve, but that is where the similarity ends. The control capacity is defined by a revolutionary seat technology. These seats consist of a sintered stainless steel material that has been fully impregnated with TFE or Graphite, then laser-cut to a customized shape to best suit the individual application.

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ASME (ANSI), ISO 9001:2000, ISO

High Temp

After years of researching and evaluating performances in actual harsh throttling conditions and in applications requiring precise computer control, Worcester has developed a new control valve technology. The Series CPT advanced throttling control valve exceeds the best performance features of traditional linear valves, segmented ball and eccentric plug designs. The Characterized Seat Control Valve is a ball valve, but there the similarity ends. The throttling part of the valve is based on a seat technology consisting of a standard sintered stainless steel seat, impregnated throughout with TFE or graphite, that is laser-cut to provide state of the art modulating control. Combined with our high cycle pneumatic or electric actuators, positioners and accessories, you are equipped with a throttling control valve package that can match the performance possibilities of computers and PLC controllers.

The characterized seat design allows use of exotic materials such as Inconel 600, Hastelloy C22 or Monel. FM Oil & Gas Safety Shutoff The 1/4”-2.” CPT 44 series valves and 1/2”-4” CPT 51/52 valves with PULSAIR, are approved by Factory Mutual for Oil & Gas safety shutoff service and flow control. Standard P Capabilities Liquids to 500 psi Steam to 300 psi.


  • Precision Control
  • Tight Shutoff Bubbletight
  • Interchangeable Characterized Seats
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Zero External Leakage
  • Low Maintenance