Design Features:

The DeZURIK KSV Severe Service Knife Gate valve is specially designed to withstand high pressures and abrasive slurries – some of the toughest services in mining, (including oil sands processing), steel, power, chemical, municipal sludge, bio-fuels production, and paper industries.

Numerous features make this valve style ideal for isolation in high-pressure, high-density slurry lines. The rigid one-piece body, 100% diameter port, hard-faced gate and rotatable seat rings make this valve ideal for the most rigorous applications. KSV valves are pressure/temperature rated to ANSI B16.34 Class 150 and 300 and are available in sizes 3-60″ (80-1500mm).

Severe Service Knife Gate Valves (KSV) Specifications

3 – 60 inches (50 – 1500mm)